Pink Boss Set

Pink Boss Set

from 30.00

Who's a boss? You a boss. Join us in reviving the 70s suit sets and mansplain all up in they face. This is a 3 piece set that features wide leg pants with a zipper and hook clasp, a sleeveless turtleneck top with a zipper in the back for ease, as well as a patterned jacket with two pockets and a badass collar and sleeves. Buy em together or as separates, you decide. 

Top: S/M
Bottoms: 28
Jacket: S/M


Know thy history: These pieces were handmade with love by a St.Louis woman with a keen sense of style in the 60s/70s. They were passed down until they fell into the hands of vintage enthusiasts aka us. 

Hand Wash Warm, Hang Dry
Model is 5'5

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