Rejects Welcome

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The Barbie Collection is geared towards our free-loving flower children, tone it down or tear it up, we got you. Inspired by Bowie, Janis, Stevie and other killer style icons of the 70s. So join us on the dark side of the moon, we hear it's groovier there. 

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Are you an out of this world gangster of love? Well then check out our Maurice collection! Inspired by universe, Maurice is where dope street wear and 80s/90s fashion meet. As adidas collectors we will take care of all of your three stripe needs my adidas and me. So get funky fresh with us in some vintage looks, B&B is here for you. 

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You'll be a regular Deb Harry with our Blondie collection. This badass collection features a eclectic mix of funky grunge and rock 'n roll looks. So get dirty with us and jam out to some Dead Weather. 

livecupp for barbie&blondie