If your friends prove who you are, then so do the brands you support. We’re working to partner with other small businesses making products the way they should be: Ethically, sustainably and without compromise to design or quality. 


Havoc is for everyone. 
A collection of pieces inspired by the past, yet firmly rooted in the now, Havoc draws inspiration across decades, with a clear nod to Cold War casual, the mod sophisticate, and 70's counterculture. With an aesthetic that lends a fresh take on classic silhouettes, each of our products are made-to-suit, using only salvaged or natural fabrics. All designs constructed with new materials- from pants to plant hangers- are 100% compostable, and we're happy to share best practices for a waste-free bon voyage. Here at Havoc, we aim to meld what we wore, with what we're wearing, for a chic, sustainable look that holds a finger to the pulse, with a foot in the past. 



Hi! I'm Jordan, I'm currently 19 years old and I'm a pin addict. These are my own enamel pin designs! I'm so excited for this new adventure and hope to design more pins soon. I'm an aspiring graphic designer and lover of all things design, creative, and vintage. So that being said, grab your favorite jacket, shirt, hat or bag and add some flair with any of my enamel pins! Thank you all for the support!