Who are we?

Barbie&Blondie is a an eclectic bundling of curated clothing and art suitable for all misfits. At Barbie&Blondie we have a passion for far out and funky apparel. We take the ethics and sustainability of the products we offer seriously rather than ourselves. Reduce, reuse and recycle is our moto. Reusing vintage and sustainable materials reduces waste and recycling them into something new gives each piece new life and purpose. We collaborate with far out and funky artists that share similar ideals providing a space to sell their work and promote discussion. 



Love is meant to be shared, at B&B we want everyone to feel that love. Wear what you want, to encourage this we removed genders from our site and instead organized our garments by item and style personalities. Barbie is our free spirited hippie flower child while Blondie is a misfit that pulls inspiration from all that is punk. 

Fashion is our voice, and it's a loud one. There is real beauty in way that a garment can tell a story. Clothing is a wearable representation of one’s innermost being. It speaks to the world around you, giving them a small glimpse of who you are, so make it an impactful one. Be whoever you want to be, don’t allow the judgements of world around you to dictate the person that you are. So, let your bad selves shine, we do.


Ethics & Sustainability

The fashion industry is one of the largest producers of waste. Every year massive amounts of clothing ends up in large landfills in many third world countries because we no longer have a use for them and it is a quick means disposal. A great way to combat this is through vintage fashion, reusing what has already been in circulation. This is the founding idea behind B+B, although at the time I was (and still kind of am) a broke college student who’s vintage collection stood out to etsy buyers. This idea combined our my love for collaborative art allowed a platform for artists to come together as a community and create magic that is also made with these beliefs at the core. 


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