MindFlowers started as a platform to share our love for vintage fashion while promoting an ethical and sustainable shopping experience, but grew to be much more. We have a passion for far out and funky apparel. We love to collaborate with artists who share similar ideals, providing a space to sell their work and promote a socially conscious and inclusive perspective. Reduce, reuse and recycle is our motto. Reusing vintage and sustainable materials reduces waste and recycling them into something new gives each piece new life and purpose. We are not just a clothing brand, we are a movement. We take the ethics and sustainability of the products we offer seriously, rather than ourselves. We push our ideals in all facets of art, promoting creativity and activism. Together we can make a difference and look badass while doing so!

We believe in creating a space that promotes a social conscious perspective and supports other artists. All of our products are created from locally sourced and recycled materials and are made to order in an effort to reduce waste.

We believe in a socially conscious future! All of our products are made to order to cut down on waste using locally sourced and recycled materials to support small businesses.

Our future is one that empowers and supports, our future is intersectional.

These earrings were made using materials from local businesses:
Peterson Brothers Plastic
The Wasteshed